Pollka Poll plugin

This is a simple and flexible plugin that allows to use polls in worpress site and bbpress forums.

If you want to try, you must log in first (user Eva, password EvaPa$$, or Adam with AdamPa$$).

It is fully customizable and prepared to be easily transtated into other languages (currently available English and Polish).

Latest version of plugin is available for download. If you believe in balanced universe, consider donation.

Just put a shortcode into your post or page and the plugin will display a poll. You can also use Poll quicktag button to automate this process a bit.

Votes are assigned to the site user, you must be logged in to vote.

[poll question='Was it difficult?' answers='Yes,No']

Was it difficult?1. Yes
2. No

All tags are easily customizable via Settings page, so you can adapt them to your page or language.

There are several different types of polls available.


You can see who has voted, but not which answer was chosen. Default answers available.
[poll question='Is it simple enough?']

Is it simple enough?1. Yes
2. No

With custom answers

As above, but with answers of your choice separated by commas
[poll question='Is it simple enough?' answers="Oh yeah, Nope, It's too hard"]

Is it simple enough?1. Oh yeah
2. Nope
3. It's too hard


Public poll – it is visible who has voted and how
[poll question="How do you like a public poll?" answers="A bit, So-so, Not at all" options="public"]

How do you like a public poll?1. A bit
2. So-so
3. Not at all


Secret poll – only the number of votes will be displayed
[poll question="How do you like a secret poll?" answers="A bit, So-so, Not at all" options="secret"]

How do you like a secret poll?1. A bit
2. So-so
3. Not at all


Open poll – everybody can vote more than once
[poll question="How do you like a open poll?" answers="A bit, So-so, Not at all" options="open"]

How do you like a open poll?1. A bit
2. So-so
3. Not at all

Time constrained

Poll is open only for a given period of time, specified like with strtotime function.
“10 September 2020”
“+1 day”
“+1 week”
“+1 week 2 days 4 hours 2 seconds”
“next Thursday”
[poll question="How do you like a open, time constrained poll?" answers="A bit, So-so, Not at all" options="open" time="2014-12-31"]

How do you like a open, time constrained poll?Poll open until 2015-01-14 02:00
1. A bit (1)
2. So-so (1)
3. Not at all (0)

40 thoughts on “Pollka Poll plugin”

  1. Witam!
    Czy jest możłiwość użycia tej ankiety bez rejestracji i logowania, tak by była dla wszystkich?

    1. W tej wersji nie. Do identyfikacji głosującego wykorzystywana jest userID wordpressa. Alternatywą byłoby notowanie IP lub użycie cookie.
      Mam dopisać?

      1. Świetna wtyczka jest prosta i powtarzalna.
        Brakuje tylko tej funkcjonalności liczenia głosów dla niezalogowanych. Dołączam swoją prośbę o dołączenie tej funkcji.

  2. Trying to use Pollka Polls in WP site with BuddyPress and BBPress. Poll displays in a BBpress post, but results do not display — regardless of option setting used. Any ideas?

    1. I’m having the same difficulty. Unfortunately, Pollka appears to be the only actively supported option for polls in BBpress.

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